best way to profit in 2days market?

Pottstown ,Pa
rehabing for 3 years using family members line of credit to buy . i try to turn over properties in about 2 months doin most the the work myself. im trying to plan my next move , i dont have a propertie rite now and the market really isnt looking to good .just driving around i see alot of houses for sale and about half of them have been siting and say price reduced on the sign. i really dont think i wana put another house out there will all the rest and hope it sells. (holding cost can eat down profit pretty quick)…i think now is a good time to start doing things a little diffrent but need some advice on which direction to go…i was thinking about going after all these motivated sellers out there and tieing up the properties in a way that i am not very financialy exsposed. like buying lease to purchase and then reselling on a LP at a higher price. with hopes of a little cash flow on the diffrence in payment each month and the a 10-15k profit when cashed out . is this the way to go ? how can i turn this slow market in to $$$$$.
thank you all very much for input.

In my opinion, there is an opportunity to take over properties subject 2 or via lease-option and then find a tenant buyer. It involves being a landlord and you need to put a plan together before just jumping in. At least in my area, the tenant pool is growing and seller’s need other options to get rid of their properties.

I think the best way to profit in any market is to begin with the end in mind. Sometimes as real estate investors and traders we get caught up in abstractions and market statistics and use that as a substitute to think about what are we really doing that is valuable to someone else. Lease to own is an excellent long term strategy in any market because it enables people to become homeowners that for a variety of reasons cannot qualify at present. Homeownership is extremely valuable. A 2003 Federal Reserve Study found that for demographically similar renters and homeowners that the homeowners had an average net worth of $172,000 and the average renter had a net worth of only $5,000. IMHO, driving around trying to find deals looking at real estate is looking in the wrong place. Try to find qualified people and help them to become homeowners. The real estate is secondary.