Best Way to Get Lis Pendens

Hi all. Somewhat of a Newbie here (have done two deals fo far). Does anyone use an online service to get Lis Pendens listings? I’ve used the County Clerk websites but they are a bit cumbersome in that you get the listing, then have to go to the Property Appraiser website to get the address, etc.

I tried RealtyTrac which was nice in that all of the info was there. It was real nice in that you could also search by Zip (helpful in that I am close to two large counties).

Bottom line is that they lag 2 - 2 1/2 weeks behind in posting the listings.

Suggestions/comments will be GREATLY appreciated.

I live in Illinois. My husband called a local title company and asked them if they had a girl that goes to the courthouse on a daily basis that would get us leads. We had no problem getting one of them to do it for us. We pay her a 1.00 a lead which gives us the owners name address. Assessed value of the property, when the lis pendence was filed and what they paid for the property and what year they bought it. It has brought us in a ton of leads. Another suggestion is to go to your local courthouse and just watch people going back and forth in and out of the title search area and ask one of them if they would be interested in doing leads for you. Donna ;D ;D :o

just do it yurself if you have the time. go to local records and research the notices of defaults.