best way to find phone numbers for cheap?

i was working through a middle man sending all the names and address of lis pendens to him and he would send be back about 40% would have numbers. Out of those i would get about 3 connects out of ten. And he would return up too 3 numbers per person for only .25cents. ANyone know how i can get a better rate of return for price close to that? we will send bulk 1000s at a time? any suggestions would be great

Give this a try. It might help…


how have they been working for you and how do you get your best results? searching by name?
or searching by address?
or other?
oh and whats your connect rate say out of 100

For NODS since the numbers are not published (in CA) I used my works skiptracing tool. Its called insight collect or accurant…they run very very expensive though and thats why i used it at work. somewhere in the neighborhood of 2k/month. I got alot of phone numbers but most are disconnected or they just dont answer because they are behind on all their bills. so i am moving to the direct marketing suported by calls. hope this helps

I suggest that you mindful of the DNC laws in the state you intend to canvas and make sure that the phone number list providers are providing “scrubbed” numbers.


Scott Miller work real well, you can search by name or address