Best way to find Multi Family units for sale?

How do you go about finding mulit family units for sale. They dont seem to show up on MLS. I’ve found a couple of 4-plex’s and duplex’s in my area and acually have a contract on a 4-plex that I found in the local paper but how do I find larger complexes?

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Greg,

A good commercial Realtor will have memberships to commercial only real estate web-sites. They can identify the properties that meet your investment needs.


If your looking for small multi family then they would be in the MLS. Larger properties are listed with commercial brokers.




Great resource Indy! Thanks,

Loopnet is okay but don’t be surprised if you get this when you call the numbers listed.

“Oh, is that listed at an 10 cap? sorry about that my assistant put that into the system. Its only a 8(or if your really lucky they will say 7.5. Now you will start getting to the truth).”

But give it a try and let us know how loopnet goes.

If you really want to find great deals you need to contact the sellers directly and deal and negotiate directly.

My 2 sense