Best way to find deeply discounted properties with potential to add value?

I am searching for a fix and flip backed by my HELOC.

I will do this repeatedly in addition to my wholesaling mailing campaign.

Is the best way…

Get on wholesalers lists?

Is this post for real? Are you really starting all the back at lesson 1, 900+ post in?

Yes, it’s for real. Rehab money is practically guaranteed. Wholesaling money is theoretical to me at this point. I will use my own cash for a wholesaling campaign, but I can get into rehabs with $0 using my HELOC.

So your plan is to buy and rehab properties from wholesalers? Go get em!

That’s my side plan in addition to the wholesaling campaign I will do.

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I’ve noticed that for some people, focus and concentration are just words in the dictionary.

Nobodies talking to you

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