best way to contact Pre Foreclosures?

what and when is the best way and time to contact preforeclosure? when the lis pendens is filed or when they finally get a sale date? and what is the best way to get your foot in the door?

The best way to get your foot in the door is to have these homeowners find you before the foreclosure process starts. You want leverage and not only will you have leverage with the homeowner you will also have leverage with the lender because they have not made a financial investment in the foreclosure proces (ie: attorney’s fees). Try advertising to your target market. Do you work off of a foreclosure list? If so I have an excellent way to use that list to help you decide where to market. Get back with me when you have a moment.

i have also looked into getting list of people that are 4 months behind on 4 or more bills. I was going to market to these ppeeople but i would think your number one priority is your mortgage prior to their other bills, so i didnt more forward with those leads. But i wouldbe interesstd to hear your marketing tecnique. please elaborate?
thanks Tommy

I have been subscribing to a foreclosure list the the past two years and although I have written a few letters and made some calls (remember to check the DNC list) I use the list mostly to prospect. I study the list and when I find homes that are closely grouped to each other I advertise by posting signs there. It’s kind of like fishing, when one fish bites usually another is not too far behind. I have found this tactic helpful especially since I like to be the one receiving the call instead of making it. It’s all about leverage for me.

Hi Guys

What is the best way to sructure a pre foreclosure deal, how do you get deed transfered to your name after both parties have reached an agreement. Will a quit deed work for the buyer to close when he wants to resell the property without the previous owner at the closing table.