Best way to approach homeowner of vacant property?

Im in a town with alot of vacant homes, im able to get addresses from title company and want to make contact about the homes. Most with no for sale signs, just vacant and tired looking.

Im looking for the best way to approach these people? Is it simply trial and error? My first thought was get there phone numbers and call, not sure if its best or send something in the mail? What has produced better responces form all your experiences?

Really appreciate this forum.

You have to quietly sneak up behind them and say Boo really loud…JK

If you already know who they are by all means call them or send them something… I like calling and sending… If you dont know who they are stick a “For Sale” sign in the front yard… They will call you.

Michael Quarles

How will you ever contact them if you never pick up the phone?

I have to believe im making this harder then it is when i get feedback like this. I guess its the doing something out of the norm jitters. I will do both find a number to call and send something now the something am i looking at a letter, post card? What ? And what should it say, without sounding to new?

Thanks again

It takes alot of due diligence but by all means call them. I did one just 2 hours ago. I did a courthouse search, then I found her ex brother-inlaw, then the ex hubby,and finally her.
First thing I did was to tell her I wasn’t a solicitor or Realtor. We talked for about an hour. She doesn’t come to the area much (300 miles away) but will look me up when she does. I made a friend and I believe she will call.
I can wait for a potential 40K.

I did call both owners, and in plain english explained myself and what i was doing. On the first one he said he wants to keep it as a rental. He owns it free and clear but its been vacant for two years he told me and hes ok with that. ???

The other one she wants $140k and rmv is about 90k but she was nice and may change her mind in the future. I cant see a deal for that price.

So you guys telling me to just call was the best advice. Got past the jitters and will be calling more tomorrow.
Thanks Again…

Hey Salsadunes, Im in the same boat as you. I’ve come across a few vacant and boarded up houses and Im trying to find the owner. One of them was a piece of cake locating the owners info, but they never seem to be home when I call. I guess I might just try knocking on their door, but I will send a few postcards before I do. If I get the jitters when calling, then I don’t even want to imagine what it would be like being face to face. Either way I know I must get past the jitter point.

Once you get a few visits with the homeowners the jitters will go away. Just keep it simple and let them do most of the talking. Congrats on taking your first steps!! :biggrin

hey Jared…

I wouldnt let the seller do most of the talking… Having an on purpose presentation allows the investor to lead the seller into saying the only word they need to say… “YES”


Stay in control of the situation. SOunds like your sellers were controlling the conversation. I never call the owner, I always send them a personal letter with a date and time I will be coming to meet with them enclosed and nothing more. THey tend to be there at the meeting time simply to find out who the heck i am and why i want to meet with them.


In the future you may also consider talking to some neighbors before calling the homeowner. You would be surprised at all the inside information you can get by talking to neighbors that will give the upper-hand in negotiations.

Also, Make an Offer over the phone right away (low of course). Say something like, “Is there any reason you would not consider taking 60K cash for the property?” If the offer does not embarrass you, then it is probably too high. They will probably say no, but they may say something like…“I can’t sell it for 60, but I might be able to sell it for 75”.

Good Luck

Thanks Guys for the insight.
I am now past the just pick up the phone part and iv sent letters to the owners. Alot of them, with the vacant homes im finding are ok with it. They seem to have a im gonna fix it up and do it when i can additude. I talked to one today and he said he would sell but would not consider anything other then a cash deal for more then i was willing to pay. I know he is not a deal but id like some advise on turning these sellers around?

Im hoping to get a better motivated seller percentage with these vacant homes.
What do you guys say to get more interest/ willing sellers?
There is still alot of vacant homes areound here.

If you know them already and got the contact info, then start calling. If not, then try to ask them about the property that they’re selling and some infos. If they refuse to give you the info you need, just wait till they post a “For Sale” sign outside their property then start telling them that you can help them sell it.

I like when we i get feedback from guys in the trenches.
I do have to say that i called one the other day, met him the next day and it was worth it, as he wants to talk again in a week.
For the one’s i cant get a # for iv sent yellow letters and of two sent i got one call and a time to look at the house next week. So nothing in stone yet but my marketing is coming alive. Oh and my Bandit signs netted me one call so far, it was from the city telling me i couldnt do that. First call from signs in over a month of them being out there.

Just calling these sellers seems to be easiest approch so far. The coming from behing and yelling boo wasnt working. LOL.