best way to advertise?

what would be the best way to advertise? why is it good and how much does it cost for that type of advertisment? :-\

I have had success with bandit signs, newspaper ads, and letters to NODs.

Signs run me about $1-$1.50/each plus a little gas to go put them up.

Newspaper ad runs me about $100/month. Which is relatively cheap compared to most papers.

Letters run me three sheets of paper, an envelope, and a stamp. Oh, and my signature-so a pen. $1-maybe.

Oh yeah, and I have vinyl window letters that say
We Buy Homes
Close in 24 hours

The cost me about $130 for all three back windows (on a Jeep Grand Cherokee)

I find most advertising is trial and error, though.

Good luck!

You need to keycode your Ads. I never run Ads without keycoding (I don’t like to be hit or miss I like to know where my money is best spent). When you run the Add…and hopefully you have a 800 line … say “call for my free report extension 48”…then when you look at the 800 line activity you’ll see that 100 people called x48 in one month (for example)…this allows you to run multiple ads at the same time (then you can see that the ad you have linked to extension 10 only got 5 calls in one month so you know you have to work on that one).