Best "Vehicle" for Purchasing Short Sale

Hello All
What entity is best for purchasing a property for rehab and rental via a Short Sale?

I am about to submit the offer to the bank and wonder if it matters if I buy it in my own name and switch to an LLC or Land Trust later on, or should that LLC or Trust be the “purchaser”?

Please voice your opinions and ideas!

check out my post below… JohnB_NJ. I too have the same questions. There are some free reports I downloaded yesterday that seem to help clear up some of the mystery but I still don’t think I have a full grasp of it.
also, the company that is giving away these special reposts is also doing a free teleconference call with a loss mit supervisor. Go to the link…download the reports and be on the call…i will!. i think the call is this monday at 8pm est.

best of success to you.


I buy all my rentals (short sale or otherwise) with my C-Corp and hold title with a Limited Partnership.

I agree w/ Deal Hunter and would add that you can start the process useing any entity that makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy only to switch horses after the hooks been set in the lender’s throat to whatever and whomever works to your advantage, generally speaking. Have Fun!

Could you elaborate on that a little?