Best time of year to buy

I live in the Northeast and was wondering if there is a “best” time of year to buy property. I have heard that early summer and in the fall are bad times for buyers and that the winter months are the best to buy property. What are your recommendations.

For me the best time is when I can get the right price and make the property cashflow!

Historically, in Northern states (all of the Northeast, North Central, Alaska, etc.) sales are slow (basically the weather sux) and it turns to a buyers’ market…less so in the South.


“When the moon is in the second house and Jupiter aligns with Mars…”
is the best time to get the best prices. ;D Just kidding! The caffeine is hitting me.

Seriously though Keith is right, the market in the South is more stable than that of the North. I do not know that there is ever a good time here in the North

Between Thanksgiving and Xmas is a good time to buy. Most people who are selling in that time period are doing it because they have to. Motivated sellers. I know if I decided to move and was not pressed for time, I wouldnt do in December no matter where I lived, and probably not until Spring if the winters are harsh.

Good point, Mike…additionally, the number of buyers is down because they are focused on the holiday spending and not on the investing!


Thanks for your replies. Now I know what I am getting myself for Christmas.

The best advice I can give…Watch the market and know the market you are in.