Best Tenant Screening Service?

I was wondering what online tenant screening service everyone here prefers, one that gives FICO’s & thorough criminal background histories. I’m looking for one that does’nt require an office visit, since I only have one rental house currently, and don’t have an official “office” (yet!)


I don’t know who’s best but here is a few.
Herbster is great

Understand a couple things about this:

  1. Most sites list their “office” requirements. It basically boils down to an extra room that someone isn’t sleeping in and a place where your files can be locked up. Some require annual visits. Others are not as frequent.
  2. If you don’t get the office visit, most of the time you’ll be limited to a “credit decision.” This means you won’t be able to see actual tradelines for your applicants. You’ll get a decision from the company saying you should approve them, disapprove them, or hold a larger deposit for them.

I use Clearscreening through website. The transunion credit reports are $14.95 and instant once you are activated.

I joined this service because there was no onsite inspection if you are a private landlord. :biggrin

Before that I used TVS which is also very good and easy to use, but I just didn’t want to pay the onsite inspection.