Best Tactics for Finding Wholesale Buyers of Contracts?

What’s everyone’s best solutions for locating buyers of contracts. We can put together contracts with sellers but want to locate more buyers of these contracts at this time. I am guessing there are website’s we could interact with but want to keep as many people out of the transaction as possible.

When you started selling contracts, what worked best for locating the buyers? Or what worked best to find more potential buyers of these wholesale contracts.

I am contemplating contacting title companies to see if they are able to let their flippers know, but want to grow our list of buyers for these.

I would suggest advertising on craigslist to have people subscribe to your “buyer’s list” in advance of getting properties under contract.

Then once you have a property under contract, you send out the info to all the contacts you have acquired in this list.

What about building a wholesale buyers list by attending networking events and trade shows to meet interested investors or you could also post on social media such as Facebook and then begin building an audience online.

Another avenue that has helped us locate buyers has been working with property management companies who have networks of in-state and out-of-state investors. It cuts away some of the profit, but we offer a 2% commission to agents within these management companies who locate buyers for us and represent them to close. Even though it’s a small commission for them, they also get to manage the property on the back end of the transaction.

There’s a lot of Facebook groups that have cash buyers in them. You can also pull property records for flips and rentals in the area and contact the owners to see if they’re interested in discounted off market deals. Craigslist can help. You can also build a website that is for getting buyers in your area but that is a little more hands on to get ranked on google or you would need to pay for ads.

Search facebook for local investor group(s) and network. Make a post, looking for buyers in X area or zip code and build your list.

try using zillow. if you need a buyer in an area, contact real estate agents that have recently done deals in that area. they may have a pool of buyers.