Best sub2. Course

Can you guys give me some good sub2 courses

It would be hard to tell you what would be THE BEST subject to course out there. Frankly, every author/mentor is different, just as students are.
For full disclosure, I have written a course and this is not a sales pitch.
I still sell mine, but VERY limited as I’m just too focused on buying houses now as opposed to teaching others how to do.

with that said, I know a few of them out there.
There are the get the deed folks, william tingle, bill bronchick just to name a few. I’ve read those three and they had good quality materials.

Bottom line is, none of us really does that much different than the others on the technical paperwork side, we all just have different approaches based on our personalities.

No matter which course yo follow, if you do, it will work, as folks who write the above are active investors and know their stuff.

Eventually you will develop your own system and style for getting the deals done.

My advice is to get a course that fits your current budget, read it twice, then do as it says. After that, questions, come here and ask.
Tons of us out here are and have bought plenty of houses sub2 and can help.

Either way, good luck and happy investing,
Jim FL

Has anyone taken a look at Jay Palmquist’s (Javipa) subject to course? Jay seems to be the resident expert here, so I am curious if anyone has become a student of his teachings?

Jim FL,
You mentioned the different sub2 courses based on different personality types. Could you elaborate and give specific examples? Thank you.

Does anyone have any input on this topic?

I know Randy and Charlie France have an abc’s subject to course

I’ve been following Jay (javipa) for over a year now and get all his emails. He knows what he’s doing and has a very affordable course.
I love Sub-to and his course is a great way to start. His attitude is great also.

“I am not a Jay Palmquist spoke person” LOL Did that sound like an attorney add?

But really Jay’s course is good.

I do like chocolate chip cookies Jay. :slight_smile: