best Sub 2 program/book/course

What are the best must haves to learn the ins/outs of Sub 2 investing???


Glad to meet you.

Here is an excellent way to start, spend about 10 bucks and purchase Zig Ziglar’s “Secrets of Closing the Sale”.

If you can comprehend what this book is saying then you can go on from there. Although Zig did not do creative investing and sold pots and pans, his understanding of the sales process is excellent.

Never forget that sales is what it is all about in creative real estate investing.

John $Cash$ Locke

Thank you very much for the recommendation. Zig is an excellent sales person.

I do not completely understand what forms and stuff to us for Sub 2. Would you recommend that I use a lawyer for the first few until I get my feet wet.


Finding an attorney who understands Subject To investing are far and few in between. You most likely would be paying for their education learning about Sub 2, so they can charge you for the paperwork you would need.

As you can see you would be better off checking into purchasing a course from one of the Subject To course writers who frequent this discussion board, then it is just a matter of having their paperwork reviewed by an attorney to make sure the paperwork is state specific to your area.

This I believe will save you money in the long run, plus educate you on the specifics of putting a Subject To deal together.

John $Cash$ Locke

$Cash$ has an excellent sub2 course, it is highly recommended :slight_smile:


Where do I find your course???


In my signature click on CashNowUSA

Thank you for asking.

John $Cash$ Locke

$Cash$ also has a new book “The secrets of posting without selling and selling when you post”… John I havent received my copy yet… What the hell’s wrong?


Why did I know this thread would get a rise out of you and the demand for my new book has overwhelmed me, needed to get Carleton Sheets, Bill Bronchick, Russ Whitney, Robert Allen, etc., their copy first, only because they were really insistent about it, but have not forgotten about you.

I received an e-mail from Jamie about your upcoming bootcamp and responded. I was having a little fun with that one too.

John $Cash$ Locke

You would like having fun with Jaime… She is a great gal… :slight_smile:

I invited you to my bootcamp? Are you sure we werent inviting you to speak? Love to have you sit in on it and add anything you want…

Michael quarles


Refresh my memory where and when is it, I will see if my schedule permits?

John $Cash$ Locke

It is in Anahiem California on the 29th and 30th of March. Two days of subject 2 investing… Love to see you there.

How do I know which forms to use and where do I get them at?

William Tingle is very good at sub-2 deals. His website is

Super guy, super materials, and he participates on his discussion group, like Locke does here.


I’m not sure where it is, but I posted something here some time ago, a list, a large list, of the docs used in a subject to transaction.
That is FREE, take a look here for it.

As to where to get the forms, sure, I sell those too…
Along with a course on subject to investing.
Have to get that disclaimer in there…and this is not a sales pitch, there are plenty of good materials out there and frankly, most would do themselves a service to buy several.

However, before you buy ANY course, whether mine, Cash, or others…do some reading here and ask questions, specific questions.

If you think you are ready to take a deal down, then get a course.

I know Cash knows his stuff, is a GREAT guy, and will give you fantastic support…better than ANY author I’ve come accross with that aspect.

For cost effective course materials, forms, etc…you cannot beat my price, under $100 for forms, course, everything.

So, whatever you want to do, all the ones mentioned previously are good.

So, if you want to get a course and forms FAST, (download today), with forms, etc.
Check me out.

No matter what forms you get your hands on, they need to be reviewed by a local attorney for local law compliance anyway. ALL forms with courses are really just samples of how the author does things.

Continue to post here and get free info and advice also, plenty of good knowledge here…

good luck,
Jim FL