Best Strategy?


I am working on my business plan to acquire my next (2) properties. I currently own and live-in a three-family home which is my only property. My wife and I are looking to buy a single family home to be our primary residence using typical bank financing or FHA.

Meanwhile, within the year, I would also like to buy an additional investment property. The investment property would be funded with the help of a private investor.

My main question is, if I were able to obtain an investment property BEFORE we purchase our single family home, how would this new investment property impact our ability to buy a single family home?

The potential investment properties would likely be:

  1. Single family home to rehab and flip to generate liquid capital
  2. Multi-family with 2-4 units (Non-Commercial)
  3. 6-10 Unit building (Commerical)

Any thoughts and advice would be appreciated.