Best Site to Get Mailing List From

Hello all! I have been wholesaling for about a year now, and I have yet to buy a mailing list. I’ve just knocked doors and relied on my website to generate leads.
What website gives you the best lists, and which are your favorite lists to mail? (Absentee, divorce, probate, etc.)

ALSO, I’m looking for the most cost effective. I want to find a somewhat reasonably priced list.
I Look forward to your responses!!!

Hi calebluketic,
In my opinion, buying a mailing list is a bad idea for several reasons such as

Good email address lists aren’t for sale
Your email deliverability and IP reputation will be harmed

So it is better to create your own email list. Here are some tips which will be useful to make the own email list:-

Create gated assets for people to give you their email address
Create useful tools
Promote those gated assets on your marketing channels


Rather than buy say a “probate list”, figure out how to get the data yourself. This way you are getting fresh data, and it is scale able (you can hire someone to put the list together for you once you know how to do it. A probate is a legal issue so find out where people and attorneys file a probate and go ask how you can get the information. They may tell you that you can’t have the information, but it is public information.

I am interested in what types of houses you door knock.


Paid list have a very less ratio of the revert back. It’s worth to spend time and create your own list

Yes, you can organically grow your email list by posting on social media, getting people to signup to your newsletter, etc. That would be the best way to go.

In my opinion, spending any substantial amount of time collecting e-mails is not worthwhile for this industry.

Let me explain. This isn’t buying a $25.00 shirt, or a pair of shoes. This is not microtransactions. There is only a small subset of the population that will satisfy your needs. As a matter of perspective, it would be great for Starbucks or Applebees to get you on a mailing list since everyone in the area is a prospective customer. They can e-mail little coupons. Holiday specials.

Real estate marketing, on the other hand, is about identifying the hottest prospects, and marketing to them.

By definition, SEO and Google Adwords is in-bound marketing, and thus, is a “can’t miss” category if you can do it right.

The current industry is highly oversaturated. And the reason that is, any “wanna-be” investor can buy a list from list source. This means two things: (1) direct-mail lists need to either be so broad you hit every lead or super narrow to the hottest - there is no middle ground; (2) online marketing, with a higher barrier to entry, is the future.

I personally use listsource. I also use “find motivated sellers now” its the kent clothier one. You have the option of paying per month $99/mo or you can pay all at once( not sure of that price as i am mo/mo) the only thing i dont like about the mo/mo is that they only give you 1000 names per month.

Honestly, none. They’re all recycled leads. Hard to believe, but it’s true.

Lance and Terry!

I agree with many of the above posters. Many sites that sell lists have so many people buying the lists that the returns can quickly diminish. (over-saturation) BUT it can work. I’ve used Listsource before. But, I also say to create your own list. One oldie but goodie way to do so is to just drive around neighborhoods close to where you live and look for vacant houses. Now, you can look for homes that are “beat up” and “unkept” as well but, in my experience, the best prospects for motivated sellers come from houses that are vacant. Do this more and more and continue to write down what you find and the next thing you know you have a pretty solid list to contact. You can write letters or you can be bold (sounds like you’re already there) and just knock on the door and see if the prospect is interested in selling. Hope this helps…

I agree with @selldfwhouse. I’ve driven around looking for vacant houses (aka driving for $$), I’ll just use white pages or just google their name or use tax records to find where they live now or family members and send to them. If I get returned mail from that, I’ll knock on neighbors doors and tell them I want to buy that ugly vacant house and fix it up.

I guess it depends. My REI group only focuses on heirship and probate leads in the DFW metroplex, so they use propelio leads. Everything goes to marketingbyhand in waco for their actual human handwriters to send out. Using that group beats yellow papers 4 to 1 because all of our probate leads are hit within days with a human hand addressed envelope sent first class.

All Great Ideas! But building your best list is always the best one to have to use over and over. Build It and They will come.
Last month I just sold my 4th and 5th home to 2 different investors. Build your relationships, people buy and sell through others they like and trust to have their backs.

I would recommend inherited leads provided by Successor Data.

We stopped using list sources for seller leads. They are used over and over again. We have better success with county records, etc.

Instead of buying Mailing Lists, you can create your own an opt-in email list by running creative email marketing campaigns.