Best Short Sale Marketing?

I’ve been doing plenty of reading and think there is ample opportunity to market for short sales rather than buy what everyone is bidding on. Would you agree? What is the best way to market a neighborhood? What should the flyer and pitch say when addressing a prospective seller? I’d like to hear your thoughts.

By the way, I’ve been reading this site for a while and think it’s great. I hope I can one day give back as much as I’ve learned.

Thanks in advance!



I think you have asked a great question. I hope folks with experience in this area respond!

well you can market to pre foreclosures which will have many home owners that a short sale will be one of the only options to help them out …the pre foreclosure will usually start and the lis pendons will be filled after 3 or 4 payments have not been made so the bank at that time is a little more flexible …now if you happen to catch a bank right when a business quarter is ending even better they are going to want to get this stuff off there books it doesnt look good to the share holders of the bank when they have high amounts of bad debt …if i remember right reoconsultants saying for for every 1 dollar of bad debt they have on the books they cant borrow 7 dollars …use that to your advantage…and if you look into the marketing sections TNinvestors talks about a marketing to people that are in the pre foreclosure he was sending a post card about 4 weeks before the auction offering them 25 dollars to home depot or walmart just if they called him he felt it was up to him to derect the call how he needed and that even though it costed him 25 every call if he could land one say out of every 15 he was far ahead

You cant market to neighborhoods, only to the homeowners on the list. How many homeowners in foreclosure are going to admit to their neighbors that they ran into problems. I’ve been door knockin, sending out post cards post it notes, letters etc.

I am looking for an investor to do a Short Sale on our home. NovaStar is the Lender. Any help would be appreciated. I am in Claremont, CA

Are you in San Diego County ? I have some people there that could probably help you.

No i am in Los Angeles County

Check your email. :slight_smile: