Best ROI Calculator

There are several formulas floating around to calculate ROI, does anyone have a good standard ROI calculator used to measure the ROI for investment property (rental or flip).

If you’re still looking for this I have an Excel spreadsheet that I like to use (maybe not exactly what you are looking for, but I like it). I made it for my own use so there may be items on there you don’t need (like the part where it calculates my Real Estate commissions and applies them towards the upfront costs). It is basically a cashflow chart that also shows ROI. It lets you enter your projected (or even actual) figures and it can calculate what your cashflow is after various taxes, fees, expenditures, etc. Then it calculates your ROI based on all that information and the rental income. Not really set up for flips though.

The spreadsheet is at

If you are not a Real Estate agent then make sure you remove the formula from cell C16 and replace it with a ‘0’ only (do not remove the row or cell or it will throw off the entire form).

You’re link doesn’t work ethomson