Best rental units

I would appreciate opinions on the best (easiest) units to rent:

  • single family vs duplex
  • 1,2,3 or more bedroom unit
  • low, medium or high rent unit

Best rental units? Generally, the ones that have good paying tenants in them!!!

Seriously, you’ll get no good answer to your question because the correct answer is: It depends. Other than that, everything else is going to just be an opinion based on their preferred method of landlording.

It depends because, as I said, everyone is different. Some may like owning SFRs better than duplexes, and so, they can rent them easier. It also depends because different areas have different rental markets. Also, each market segment is different as well. There are different criteria for a SFR from a duplex to an apartment.

But, if it’s plan opinions that you want, okay. I prefer SFR’s to rental units (aparts, dups, tris, etc) simply because I prefer to sell my properties rather than straight rent. It’s hard to do a lease option on a duplex rental. :slight_smile:

Here, three bedrooms sell/rent faster than 2’s and a 1 is practically non-sellable. The middle price ranges sell faster (generally true in any market) but the higher price ranges should make you more $$$ (if you bought right).

Only work in the low rent if you like the idea of being a slumlord or a mobile home park king. With either, be prepared for a high turnover rate and problems.


Thanks Raj. I was looking for opinions and your answer was a great help. I currently rent out 1 duplex which was my first house. I was considering purchasing a SFH and renting but was wondering about rental market. I am trying to figure out who would fit the most common profile for a SFH renter (i.e. young couple not ready to purchase yet, job relocation, etc.).

So while a 2-bdrm duplex has worked out very well for me a 3-bdrm SFH may be a good alternative.

Raj if you don’t mind could you please help me out? I have been reading all I can on lease purchase and noticed in your post you prefer sale option, if you have a minute could you write up a sample of one of your deals? Like how much you paid, how much you took out, how much down you wanted, how much rent during the lease? What determined the prices?

In my area the demand is, 3-4 bedroom, single family, duplex, the multi-family.


That doesn’t fit this thread. Put the question in another topic and I’ll see what I can do.



I would advise to have atleast a couple of sfr’s in your portfolio. they tend to be more liquid(generally speaking) and thus easier to sell off should you ever get in trouble. Around here they seem to be more difficult to rent, than condo’s or townhuoses. Depends on your market, i really feel that the nation is going away from 1/1 to a larger house or condo. Just depends on your market though