Best Real Estate Book????

I would like to add to my collection of books, what books do investors recommend about real estate investing? Any recomendations on RE investing books that deal with investing with limited money??? I am a college student with about $5,000 in savings. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks

I’ve spent several years trying to start in real estate investing without much money. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on mentors from Robert Allen and H. Roger Neal, etc. I think the best real estate guru out there who is a lot better in teaching beginniners like me is Ron LeGrand and his organization ( I think his new book is excellent – “How To Be a Quick Turn Real Estate Millionaire: Make Fash Cash With No Money, Credit, or Previous Experience”. I think this is the best place to start. Check with your local public library and see if you can read this book for free – I did this at the Wichita (Kansas) public library, before buying my own copy.

Not necessarily a RE finance book but
The Millionaire Real Estate Investor- by Gary Keller

Was one of the best books I have read so far, Most of it is simplistic, but i found it very helpful and informative. A good all around beginning book. If your new to Real Estate i highly suggest it

I second the millionaire investor by Keller.
I am reading it right this moment for the second time. Good stuff.

One book that I feel is the absolute best investment I’ve made in my career as an agent is “How to Get Rich in Real Estate… And Have a Life! What brokers want you to know that most schools don’t teach.” By Wayne and Lynne Morgan. It goes fairly indepth into marketing yourself as a source of housing and servicing clients… It is aimed at AGENTS but it has information that personally I’m finding helpful in all aspects of Real Estate transactions. That’s just my Humble Opinion.

I have read Jay P. DeCima’s books and think they are straight forward and also motivational. They are more for rehabbing. I also have read a book by Mike and Irene Milin “How to buy and Manage Rental Properties” which is good. I went to Borders books and skimmed through my books and decided which ones I would be interested in and bought them there.

Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Keller helps with that all important motivation and helps you keep a proper perspective. I consider it a must read.

I would seek out material on lease options and Sub2.
I tend to enjoy Claude Diamond and TC and Vickie Bradley.


A collection of books on the shelf doesn’t do you any good if you never buy a property.

So to answer your question, the best REI book is the one that makes you understand this business to the point that actually go out and buy an investment property.


I am new to REI, but I just picked up the book “Creating Wealth One House at a Time” by John Schaub, and am about 1/4 of the way through. I think it is great. It has focused me on what area to concentrate on, and has a bunch of small tips that will save me a lot of trouble.


here’s a list of some pretty good books.