Best programs for minute keeping and logging expenses?

Can anyone suggest the best programs out there for keeping minutes and logging business expenses? I know you can log expenses on quickbooks, but can you also keep minutes on this program?

If quickbooks is the best, which version should I choose…simple, pro, or premier?


unless you’re familiar with quickbooks - don’t get it. unless you’re willing to take A CLASS or have someon teach you exactly how to use it - do not buy Quick Books - omg - forget it. waste of money.

Excel spreadsheets - the best.

anyhow - now you keep mentioning minutes…you mean for like business…corporation/LLC? don’t kill yourself with this stuff. just keep the best records you can - you actually reminded me - i need to have an annual meeting soon! lol


Yes I’m talking about keeping minutes for a corporation/LLC. I can keep records, but just wanted to see if there was anything out there to keep them formal. I’m new to this minute keeping stuff. Thanks.

Any ideas for beginners on minute keeping…I don’t have a clue about the proper way to record minutes and structuring minutes…eg. resolutions, borrowing money. Any good websites out there at a reasonable rate. Thanks.

depends on the entity. which are you referring? LLC, Corp?

your attorney should be able to help you. you can also take out a Nolo book.

you could private message me as well.

Thanks TGMC…I saw the Nolo books website and may try this. I am currently logging minutes with corporate record pro which costs about $200/yr. I guess it is ok to start with because I have someone to talk with and let me know exactly which minutes to log on certain decisions and first meetings, but it’s too expensive to do this for every LLC I create.

“learning the hard way”

I don’t think you want to use Excel.

Use a real accounting program that’ll connect to your bank, track expenses by property, and produce profit and loss statements with a click of the mouse.

Yes, you’ll have a little learning to do. (Your accountant can typically teach you everything you need to know in an hour or so.) But you’ll also have a system that produces way better, much more reliable tracking.