Best product / product recommendations

Is there a best / recommended product out there for knowledge. I recently listened to Mr. Grove and I like the idea that he was an engineer (I expect he would be down and dirty in the numbers). Is there value in spending $1,000 for a “program”. I understand that unless I am out dong the work no program is going to help but is this a product than can act as a resource. I.e. focus on one are and then add another technique down the road.


In my opinion, NO there is not. There are too many facets to Real Estate, too many circumstances, too many governing laws/ordnances/rules to say there is one best way to dao anything.

It’s going to depend on what you are doing, where you are doing it, your expected outcome, your resources, and a whole host of other factors.


I would like to buy and hold (cash flow). I created an excel spreadsheet I use to look at the numbers but I am really not sure if it is valid or not since I have not purchased any properties. Input from a serious seasoned investor would be appreciated. Would it make sense to wholesale in addition?

there are so many ways - paralysis by analysis.

There are two books I would recommend that will give you the real skinny on buying and holding. I have nothing to gain from you buying/renting these two books by the way.

Landlording by leigh robinson

One minute rental property riches by mike rossi

I like the book “What every real estate investor needs to know about cash flow” admittedly its for beginners but they have alot of information strictly regarding financial analysis in there. Plus if u get it at a library its free or about 20 bucks at the bookstore.

There is no one best way to begin as a real estate investor. Too many factors and variables come into play. It isn’t a one-size-fits-all business.
Is there “value” in a $1,000 program? Possibly. Depends upon the program and whether or not you use the info you are given.

Spending $1000 on a program??? Whoa to new investors that spend this much money from the gate, leaving them with no marketing money to spend for themselves. I can pretty much guarantee that you can get knowledge for cheaper else where, that will still give you quality. Do your research man.