Best Presidential Choice for REI?

Hey all. Will Obama or McCain be better for REI? I’m getting the impression that if Democrates basically control Congress, there will be an increase in “entitlement” programs like Section 8, unemployment insurance,etc… But that would come at the cost of taxpayers. But a Republican Pres. would probably decrease these benefits. Do you think unemployment will get to the point where there is a huge influx of people on entitlement programs like Section 8?

McCain will be better, but neither will be good. Both men will move us closer to socialism. Obama will try to move us there a LOT faster. Either way, it’s a disaster for business in particular and America in general.

If you’re serious about this country - write me in!

My platform:

Free markets.
Lower taxes (both corporate and personal).
No more welfare.
No more Section 8.
No more free emergency room visits if you’re too lazy to work.
Raise the age to receive social security to 75.
Much stricter law enforcement and new money spent on prisons and bullets.
Medicare phased out for younger people.
No more foodstamps.
No more government handouts!!!
All environmental wackos shipped to socialist countries!
No new environmental laws that put our industry at a competitive advantage.
Drilling anywhere and anywhere for oil (starting in ANWR).
Strongly encourage wind, solar, nuclear, shale, natural gas.
All environmental wackos shipped to socialist countries!

I’m running for President - write me in!


Michael Rossi for president! Who’s your running mate?

I need to take Indiana - any ideas JaredfromINDIANA!

Do you think we could win by telling the TRUTH?


Truth? Never heard of it…

What’s wrong with welfare? Section 8? Foodstamps? Handouts are what this country is all about!! What about all the evil landlords that are making money hand over fist taking advantage of their poor victim tenants by demanding rent on the 1st of the month (HOW WRONG!) and then evicting them when they don’t pay???

My ideas Mike… let’s cut the bullsh*t. Some people do need help and let’s give it to them for a limited time. Everybody else should pull their panties out of their ass act like grown ups and be responsible.

How’s that?

Well, they just said on TV that the VP candidate should be an attack dog! That sounds like YOU!

MIKE AND JARED for President! Deadbeats should book their one way tickets to some socialist country NOW!


Unfortunately, we’re stuck with the deadbeats we have. Most socialist countries are going broke with their own deadbeats and have strict immigration policies/enforcement because of it.


I’de <3 you for President. But one thing, im split on the pollution topic…

I dont want to live in filth like Beijing, however, our pollution standards are making it REALLY HARD for any factory to compete here when they can just go to China. How do you feel about this?

From a REI perspective, I’m in an area that has either second home buyers, students or Section 8/Welfare recipients. There’s not a lot of job/population growth. Perhaps with the current & future housing problems, there could be an increase in Section 8 tenants. There may be a lot of people who atually use these programs in the way they were intended… To assist people in getting themselves back on their feet. Tis may be the only way to get properties rented in economically depressed areas.


I agree with you 100% - isn’t that what all the politicians say. Actually, my immigration policy is exactly the same as my pollution policy - NO MAS! NO MAS illegal aliens crossing our borders; no mas new stricter pollution standards (things are fine as-is); no mas global warming nonsense; no mas talk about cap and trade!

That’s my stand, unless of course I decide to flip flop!


I know your just messing around about running for president, but I must say this. If you do run for president, Im swearing to God right now that you will have 100% of my help in ANYWAY possible for your whole campaign…

If you do run for president, Im swearing to God right now that you will have 100% of my help in ANYWAY possible for your whole campaign...

Someone that tells the truth and talks plainly couldn’t be elected dog catcher, let alone President, but thanks for your support.


What do you think the chances are that Obama can balance the budget like that wonderful Clinton did? :slight_smile:

Clinton didn’t balance the budget, Congress did (the President can’t spend a dime without their approval)…

Clinton didn't balance the budget, Congress did (the President can't spend a dime without their approval)...

It is a little naive to think that the president can’t spend a dime without congress approval… Clinton went to war and then went to congress to ask for money. What would they do after the fact? So in the end of the day, the president can and does spend money without Congress approval… :O)

Didn’t George W give Citigroup 200Billion without Conress’ approval? It happened over a weekend.