Best Places to Advertize?

Where can I post the home I have for sale?

Newspapers, Craig’s List, Weekly Shoppers just to name a few. It truly depends on what market you are trying to reach.

definitely Craigslist. Another I use a lot in Ontario is Kijiji

Craigslist is good option for advertise.

Post it in local marketing sites and classified sites

Classified website are the best place to sell house.

You might consider advertising in Facebook because of its high traffic rate.

A standout amongst other approaches to get an introduction for nothing (other than time contributed) is to check with blog writers and check whether they will enable you to compose a visitor post for them.

A guest post is usually on a topic that will interest that blogs readers and in turn for your effort the blog authors will usually allow you to place a link or reference to your site.

You have a host of options:

  2. Craigslist
  3. eBay
  4. Zillow
  6. Trulia
  11. Biggerpockets

Advertise on your Social Media accounts
Business page
Market to your buyers list email marketing

Even though I’m a huge believer in the power of the internet, I would like to recommend something different this time. If the houses you sell are all in the same neighborhood, be has visible as possible, because buying a house isn’t a small investment, it requires a lot of trust, so if youve been able to build up a strong relationship with as many people as you can, you become their first option when they need to get a new home.

According to me, you should create classified ad listing in local business websites. :beer

There is ‘no’ one best place, besides everywhere.

Common sense would have you putting a sign in the yard, where the most-likely buyers are trolling. After that, you spread out into the area with bandit signs.

Then you on the internet wherever you can afford.

Profiling your house to attract the right buyers is also important. No sense in advertising a 5/3/3 McMansion to seniors. Or a 2/1/1 to a family of five. Market to buyers that would be most-interested in your house.

BTW, this post is FOUR years old.

News Paper, Craglist are the best places to advertise.

Many Places are there to advertise it is the category which decide where to advertise what.

Above shared is the best company who can advertise your services.

Facebook marketplace is really good for this. The key is to share the marketplace listing in real estate investing groups to get the exposure to those people.

There are also consultants that can help you to sell your home.

We post all of our properties on Facebook marketplace and have a very good results from it. We also list on loopnet if it is a commercial property.