Best place to refi a conventional loan in TX

I was thinking of doing a refi on my current 15 year fixed conventional loan for my personal house if I can get locked in low enough. My current rate is at 5.375. I want to get people’s opinions on the best broker/co/bank to get a refi through who can get the lowest interest rates with the lowest amount of fees/points.

Any recommendations?

now is a good time to refinance. rates are as low as 4.5 on a 15 year mortgage.

Through who? And what fee’s costs? The lowest I see so far is through Penfed which is 4.75% with no points. I’m looking to do a 15yr fixed rate. Who would you recommend??? ALSO, should I lock in NOW or wait a couple weeks/month?


It looks like rates will be cut some more?


Typically if your going to refinance you want to improve your interest rate by at least 1%. You have a pretty good rate right now at 5.375%. I wouldn’t refinance until rates got down into the 4.25% range, which they could get to. I find it hard to believe anyone that would refinance you at 4.5% with no points. Beware of the bait and switch.