Best place to purchase marketing lists

Does anyone know of a place to buy quality lists, eg: pre-foreclosure, absentee owners etc., in MD? I bought lists from national providers in the past with no results. (Owned by Corelogic, which also owns, which also provides raw data to sitexdata and used to own dataquick.)

They will provide whatever data your county recorder’s office collects and distributes. In CA, it’s gonna be expensive to get NOD data, since the laws limit the distribution of that data publicly.

There may be better, more locally accessible data sources, but Corelogic is probably the best starting place for finding this information. It’s not necessarily inexpensive.

I am also looking into sourcing it from a local title agent but this information was really helpful. Just looked up the site. The customizations are awesome. Thanks for the tip.

For out of area owners I have used melissadata in then past and was happy with the results.

Hi javipa or everybody:

How about how do we get the list (absentee, preforeclosure, etc) to market in disclosure states such as alaska, idaho, texas? Actually, my specific concern of disclosure state is Texas - Is there a way to get the list/data? Or what’s the appropriate steps in marketing in these disclosure states? Your assistance will be greatly appreciate. :help

Talk to your Local Realtor that does leasing as well they will know first what is being posted before it hits any list. Many will know about short sales coming up, and some great buys.


Thank you for sharing this marketing list with us…
It would be good for all of us, specially for those who have to contact with the marketing

I would try to develop a relationship with a local loan officer. You may be able to get the early jump on these types of deals.

You may have already found your answer, but a routine check on listsource gave me these foreclosure results for Dallas, TX

So, I’m not sure whether all of Texas is a blackout area, or just your area…

javipa, sorry i lost track of my own inquiry and i had not come sooner to say my due “Thanks” for ur great help. Definitely a great tip - will surely do a routine check as advised. Two Thumps Up! :beer!!

As I mentioned in this thread…,53034.0.html

…we need to verify the quality of the list with listsource, because they will sell obsolete data without blinking. Obsolete data is data that was abstracted more than 90 days ago (or however recent it needs to be).

Two of my students bought lists from that were abstracted over five years ago. They sifted for records that were just two years old. So NONE of the records were accurate.

Of course that meant the list was a waste of time to mail to. One of my students got a refund for the list itself, but it cost him hundreds in wasted postage, which they did not reimburse him for.

BTW, the only reason we were suspicious the lists they purchased were obsolete, was that the response rates sucked drain water, and the number of “undeliverables” was through the roof.

And while we’re on the subject, if we use click2mail, any undeliverables will be scrubbed from the mailing list we submit, but they don’t tell us which names were scrubbed, nor do they confirm the quality of the list.

So, regardless of the list data source, we MUST confirm the ‘abstract’ dates, so that we know we are sending mail to the current owners, not the ones three owners ago.