best place to find contract buyers

looking for ideas on the best place to sell contract, any suggestions would be helpful.

                selling price 120,000
                8.75% interest
                5,000 down
                125,000 appraisal 
                 25 years
                 945.47 monthly payments

Any help would be great. thanks for the ear.
Ross Kimbell

Call on the “I buy homes” ads and talk to the investors about your contract. Maybe 1 of them might buy.

David Garcia

do you have any more solutions ?

What exactly are you selling? A contract to purchase under these conditions or a loan that you’ve taken back with these conditions?

IF it is a loan/deed of trust, then you need to find a note broker. You can look thru the advertising section on this site or simply google “note broker” and you should find a few. If you have a local REIA club(s) near you, it may be worth your time to bring it to one of their meetings as well.

What anyone looking to buy a note will want to know is the terms of the note (given), how long and well has it been paid, the credit worthiness of the borrower, and what discount you are offering.


hi Roger,