Best Place to find buyers?

I’ve got two homes I’d like to submit offers on but no buyers. What is the best way to meet buyers and build up your buyers list?..Thanks for the feedback!!

Drive around the neighborhood where the properties are located and look for rehabs in progress or for rent signs. Stop by the rehab and see if the investor is interested in more deals in the area, and call the for rent signs and see if the landlords are looking for more deals in the area.

Call all of the “We Buy Houses” signs.

Put ads on Craigslist.

Go to every REIA meeting you can find and network.

Good luck,
Steph :cool

Great idea to call the for rent signs…Thanks a lot steph!

Best place is your local REI club. Network with other investors, skip the newbies, and see what they buy… how often… price ranges… conditions… their exit strategies…etc.

Thanks for the reminder on calling for rent signs…How is the weather over there Steph?