Best place for pre-foreclosure information in Florida?

I’m looking to buy a home in New Port Richey, FL. What is the best source for information on pre-foreclosures and foreclosures? This will be my primary residence, not an investment property.

I’ve been using the Pasco County Court Records search, but it doesn’t allow me to search by city. I’ve heard is a waste of time.


The best source in my opinion is to do some shotgun marking with ads in the paper and bandit signs and get people to call you. This is your best prospect because you’ll find your best deals since it’s between you and the seller and on one else. Once the house is being foreclosed on everyone knows and more offers are being made bringing up the house offers reducing your potential profits.

I’m in contract on a waterfront home in New Port Richey. It’s a modest two bedroom, two bath, two car garage and is a short-sale.

I’ve had several deals not work out in the past six months but I think I got pretty lucky with this one. I found it on Craigslist and made an offer after the property had been on the market for only a few weeks. Many of the shorts in this area have been listed for two or more years. My offer was close to the asking price and the bank accepted after just two weeks.

I’m pretty excited. I couldn’t have touched this house for this price a few years ago.

Keep at it. You’ll find something!


try this one…I think you’ll like it…it seems to updated every day…

courtesy of Summit from a previous post