Best package on Wholesaling? so many to choose from

I am considering buying Ken Williams “the Wholesale Wizard” course which sells for $700. I’ve seen three courses for sale on this page, two for under $200 and the Vena Jones-Cox course selling for around $600.

Does anyone have any recommendations for these courses? Are the high price tags more insightful or generally more valuable than the cheaper courses?

Most importantly, do these courses provide any more insight than a regular $20 book on wholesaling? Thanks for the help!

I’d recommend starting with Bill Bronchick’s “Flipping Properties” book first. It’s a little older, but has good general info about wholesaling, and is really cheap compared to courses. After that if you want a good cheaper course I’d go with Steve Cook’s, or if you want a more in depth expensive course I’d say go with Vena Jones-Cox.

Also, check this website out:

I knew Ken Williams “back when…”.

…back when we were stationed together in the Washington, DC area in the military. He was a Finance/Contracting geek… lol. That was back in the mid-'90s. Apparently, he’s all grown up now. Good enough guy and apparently now a wholesale “guru”. He was working some REI when he was still on active duty.

I would at least expect that he’s honest and you should get a decent value from his package.



I recommend you check out my post under “Beginners, Carlton Sheets” with my topic being “J.G. Banks Newby” before you purchase ANYTHING. Look at the website I recommend there.


…but when you do, remember that John Reed only like John Reed. Everyone else is bad or just plain wrong.


I feel ya there, Keith. I too have learned to sort out a lot of stuff he says. On the other hand, some of it makes sense as well. :slight_smile:

I am with you also about Bill Bronchick. But I learned the hard way about just geting their books, rather than pay hundreds or thousands of dollars and get their boot camps/programs/seminars. Saves a LOT of money for the same stuff you can find in their books.