Best methods for trying to find properties that would make good short sales?

What do you boys suggest? LP’s at the courthouse? Getting an in through a title company? Seeing what properties are about to go to auction and if so, how would you find that lender? These are 3 questions that will open up a potential goldmine of opportunity for many of us, so if anyone knows these answers, please advice? Any other suggestions would be appreciated as well!

Let’s make this a sticky that we can refer back to in a year :cool

My former best candidates have been from newspaper ads, but now that there are 10 such ads per day, my new best candidates are from bandit signs at the entrance and exits of targeted areas! Find a neighborhood that has very similar housing. I’ve found the key is to have the distressed homeowners with decent houses call you. They don’t have the cash, will or desire to have their house brought up to the specs that are needed to sell the house at retail!
Even though this post is on the short sale board, I’ve had better success and a lot less aggravation making deals this way as opposed to dealing with LM’s AND distressed owners!
Good luck!

Hey that’s great sir. Can I ask you a question? Where abouts to you place these bandit signs? Nobody is giong to let you put these signs in their yards I presume. With this being the case, where can you put these signs in neighborhoods where they can be seen?

Have a great day!

AA, if you’re serious about making money doing foreclosures and whatnot, you’ve got to go where the people are: online. You need a presence some how some way. I’m not saying this should be your only source. I’m just saying it should be one of your primary sources. There are several lead services. Some of them are good, some are bad. You have to know how to judge them in terms of search engine optimization. That is, put yourself in the shoes of someone in foreclosure or what have you. Are they more likely to call off a bandit sign? Or go to the internet and search “dear god help me I’m in foreclosure” or something along those lines. Again, don’t get me wrong… bandit signs can work – in fact, my biggest deal ever came from one (98k). However, the majority of people are turning to the internet first… Even in the outback ;0)

Hope that helps…

Great insight ElToro! That’s the kind of great input I’m talking about. What internet sights do you those in foreclosure use, or are you saying that i need to create my own internet site and have people contact me online?


Bandit signs are a great lead producer. You put them in the grass at major intersections…on telephone poles…and abandoned houses.