Best method as a new birddogger

So today I started to go through Sunday’s paper to try to make a call list for the week. I am starting out as a bird dog and am wondering if this is the best method to find properties that I can bird dog? There are a couple boarded up homes in my neighborhood that would make great rehabs but they arent for sale. Whats the best method of finding the owners phone #? Also if you have any other methods that you guys have had great success with for finding properties I can turn over to a rehabber , please advise.

One way is to look up the owners name on and then use Not always available but it’s a start. You can try the phone book also once you have the persons name.

You can also pull up the county tax records, and then locate the owner of the property there, then you can mail them or do a reverse phone search like the other guy said. Many of the boarded up homes will have already be hit by investors if they have been there a while. Networking with other investors, and realtors is the way I get 70% of my deals.

Persistance is the key for me. I am lucky to live in a place where people want everything done for them. They’re lazy here. I have deals going with owners of long vacant houses because I tracked them down. Wasn’t easy or fun, but the money I’m making from the deals is WAAAAAY worth it.

P.S. Try