best markets for 2005?

new to this forum :slight_smile:

i am looking to invest but would like to know what everyone thinks are going to be the top markets in the U.S. for the next 3-5 years (specific cities, towns, beaches).



Arizona, my dad planning to buy a 9-plex there. single family is hot also.

just dont buy in Texas, like i did :frowning:

Howdy Dennydo:

What problems did you have in Texas?

Hi Ted,
i didnt mean to blame to texas. it was my own fault.

From what ive heard, phoenix has a “white hot” market. I live in charlottesville VA, its a small town with a big market, it was rated #1 place to live by USA today and some other things so…



I looked at property in C-ville when i was back in VA at Xmas time and C-ville investment properties are so overpriced it was silly. SoCalif looked more affordable.

Note, I am not talking overpriced in absolute dollars but in terms of return on investment (e.g. purchase prices vs rents, etc)

Yeah thats probably true, i just meant a ton of people are buying here cuz i know a lot of realtors.


FL continues to be a growth market it just took the 3rd most populated state away from New York. Be careful though becuase as the minnows come so do the sharks, i have seen a lot of half built homes and the builder is MIA, do your homework and ask around. There are still honest folks doing honest work so dont settle…Best to everyone.