Best Marketing Methods - What really works

Folks -
In order to better spend by (small) marketing budget to generate leads and deals, I was interested to find out what marketing methods others have used with success. For example, I have no luck with newspaper, some with website, and a fair amount with signs - except they keep taking them down!

Anyway - I created an online survey at this URL:

If you would be so kind as to answer the 5 questions, I will come back and post the results next week.

Thanks everyone!

what were the results?

What does your bandit sign say? What does your newspaper ad say? Have you tried the mailing?


I will share with you a very successful program that I used when I was in residential lending.

I had a guest book and seller package.
The package had basic info that you can pull down from the county appraiser network and from a number of valuation sites for free.

We called every FSBO that we found both on the internet and driving aorund.

We then called them and told them about our free service where everyone that visited their home would log into the book their name addres and phone number. We would then call each visitor and ask then a series of basic questions about how they felt about the house and their interest level. We then, of course, offered our services to each of them.
The benefit to the seller was that we followed up on everyone that visited to give them what they really felt and also it gave them a sense of security knowing that if anything was missing etc. they knew who visited.
Even if we didn’t do anything with their home, we now had at least 50 leads of people who were immediately in need of both financing and a home.

Hope this helps someone out there.

I designed the program, script and all, to be very very simple and appealing.

Go Go Go!!!