Best Marketing Method(s) on a Budget

If an individual is new to Wholesaling and had only $500 to utilize for marketing how would you suggest that money be spent?

I used this information a website called Property Mob

Bandit Signs $250

Vacant Houses _ driving for dollars and send postcards
Get a list of 20-25 people and use click2mail to send them a postcard $20

Buy High Equity Mailing list $250
You can get a list of about 500 names for $50 and send postcards to them spending around $200

I hope you can use this information.

Where are you getting your mailing lists from? ListSource?

I agree with bandit signs as well.

For an inexpensive marketing ideas you can create your own blog with a quality content. You may also join an affiliate program and build a free email list. Lastly, you may take advantage of social media sites like Facebook and Google’s free ad credits.

What about email and text campaigns or working with other wholesalers to help their inventory?

Word of mouth. Networking with divorce/probate attorneys. Tax advisors, local mailmen etc

I agree with cleverpancakes, creating a blog with fresh and unique content is the best way to market real estate business. Social media is also a great platform to market the business.

If your starting off with a budget of 500 I would avoid mailers they work best when you send out thousands. Having a well optimized website does wonders. Check out With a monthly fee of $99 plus they have a course you can take to learn how to do SEO by yourself without paying an SEO expert hundreds of dollars.

i’m a current oncarrot customer. it’s a great tool/resource. i think they may also have a cheaper monthly option as well. i’d agree that unless you have the ability to consistently hit the same people over and over again over several months with direct mailers, particularly in a competitive market, it isn’t the best use of dollars.

Some of the best and most cost effective marketing strategies are using digital (Social media, website, and online listings). Here is a blog with more info on different marketing strategies that you might find helpful