Best landlord rental lease agreement

Hi, does anyone know where to get the best lease agreement that protects the landlord? Thanks in advance


Look in your g-mail account, I sent you a email that say's "No Subject"!

It contains a couple of lease agreements you can use.


I have looked at quite a few ‘standard’ leases in Texas, and by far the best ‘standard’ lease is the one used by the Texas Association of Realtors (not the common public TREC lease, but the private TAR lease). It is awesome, e.g. covering little things like making tenants pay X amount of dollars with each repair that occurs, even if it’s not their fault. Just don’t let a Realtor catch you using it if you’re unlicensed - it’s copyrighted and they are b**chy about outsiders using it. =)

Leases must comply with local law, so the “best” lease is going to be different for each state, and maybe for individual towns.