Best Investments for Retirement People

Banks are not paying their clients enough interest; banks are getting rich at the expense of older retired people. What is the best Investments for Retirement People.

It depends on how retired they want to be. I think that a partnership with apartment complexes is a great option. The returns are in the low teens with no cash at risk in a non-recourse loan.

Depends upon the retired person’s circumstances. If the retiree needs income from the investment for daily living expenses, then any investment that preserves capital and generates income is good. Treasury notes and bonds are guaranteed and pay more interest that the banks. There are AAA-rated blue chip stocks that pay dividends that are not guaranteed but are reasonably safe and pay a much higher dividend than the US Treasury note or bond.

There is no one-size fits all answer to your question. Instead, the answer should be tailored to each individual’s specific need and circumstances.

If the retiree is interested in a “hobby” or part-time job with some flexibility, then investing in SFR or other MF rental properties that he or she self manages can be a good source of income. That is if the investor does their homework to make sure that the property can cash flow well. More passive investment may include investing in a good REIT.

It only depends upon the requirements and interest of a retire person. But I think property or houses are the best investment. Buy houses according to your financial stage. After retirement you can give these houses on rent which returns monthly income as your salary.

I agree that the best strategy depends on the individual’s situation, resources and goals. That said, other good ideas include becoming a private lender, notes investing, and joint ventures as a silent financial partner with an active investor.

It all depends on the personal requirements. I know a lot of retirees who keep investing in single or multifamily housing in a nice recreational areas. If they are looking for a house just for themselves then it’s great to buy a single family house in a middle size town with great weather conditions. If they are simply looking for a great profitable deal, they should invest in commercial real estate. It all depends on what they are looking to get from the deal.