best house in bad 'hood, or worst in good?

I’m new to this process - I’m looking to flip houses for a few years to generate more cash, then get into a longer term multi-investment.
My question: when you’re looking for places to buy, renovate and sell, is it better to buy the best house on the block in a so-so area (I’m not talking war zones), or to get a little place on a street full of big houses?
Thanks - K

Worst house in a good neighborhood (especially in the best school district!)


ALWAYS buy the worst house in the best neighborhood you can afford. This includes your personal residence. You can always fix it up and you’ll get the best deal.

My own house was empty for nine months before I picked it up – I stole it and then got to work. Remember people, for the most part, have zero vision. You must be able to see where you are going to take the property. Your vision will make you money.

Good luck to you.

They are right, I purchased the worst house in a good neighborhood for $130k and it is now worth $1.3 mil. Because of such a great deal I was able to do a spectacular renovation and now I have one of the best if not the best house in a great neighborhood in high demand. :dance: