Best funding to use to for REO's and other deals

I recently put a bid down on an REO and didn’t have proof of funds, but they still allowed the offer… I want to find the best funding methods so I’m prepared for next time. I know HML’s. Can someone recommend good HML’s? I’d rather not put 20% down on my deals. If I have to, I can depending on purchase price. What about no interest credit cards for down payment perhaps? What about investor loan?

I want to find the best ways to fund my REO purchase deals because there are many REO’s in my area right now. Not just for REO, but I want to start putting many offers down on REO’s and need to have funding lined up.

I always buy mine with bank financing. You can go to your small local bank and they will give you a pre-approval letter that you can present to the bank that is selling the REO. Or, you could get a business line of credit that you could use to purchase the REO. Then, simply refi and pay back the line of credit. Rinse and repeat.

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Thanks for the reply Mike.

I’m not so sure about line of credit because I just opened my sole proprietorship about mid 2007 and don’t yet have any income or credit in the business to show for. Am I correct in saying I can’t get this personally and only for a business?

When you talk about financing through a local bank, are you referring to an investment loan? Couldn’t I just go to a broker and get pre-approved? Are you saying go to ‘small local banks’ in order to get 100% financed so I can avoid putting 20% down?

How would I avoid putting the 20% down OR if I had to but didn’t want to pull 20% out of savings what are the best ways?

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I’d recommend going to a local REI club and talking to people and finding a good HML. HMLs are pricey but the cost of money isn’t nearly as important as the availability of money when you have a deal.

2 words…local banks! They are your best bet. You have to find a lender that understands what you are doing. I found one where I pay zero down, interest rate at prime, with interest only on a 6 month note with all payments on the backend. A true no money down deal and this is with a local bank. You have to dig for the money but once you find it your business will take off.