Best FREE online lead sources

who wants to share some of their best (free) online web sources that provide a good source of leads, what has been working for them etc.?

To get organic traffic you can use social media sites to promote the brand. Social networking sites are also drive relevant traffic and help to promote the business.
The other sites help you to generate quality leads are:

  • press release sites
  • classified sites
  • social bookmarking sites, and
  • directory sites.

I use my county’s tax assessment website to find absentee owners. Time consuming but free.

Just wondering how important is social media to real estate now?

Hmm. I use Zillow and Redfin, as well as FindRe…They are good. I also find MLS offering sites for your listings.

Hi Leonard,

Thanks for your reply. Redfin doesn’t cover my area unfortunately. What is FindRE? i don’t see a web site, would you be able to post the full url?

much appreciated.


Zillow and local classified sites help a lot. Generally, free resources are the best, but they do demand lot of time and effort.

Hi ryanpal,


Hope it helps. Though I have read some articles about invalid listing, etc in the website, most says that it is not FindIRE but the companies that are posting their listings on it. You might want to look for some reviews on your own in with it so you can see if it would be valuable on you.

Leonard V.

I could not find many reviews online regarding cal finder, so I looked at their BBB page in Oakland, an A + rating with 14 compliants in the last 12 months and 73 compliants in the last 3 years. He says they have thousands of clients so thats why they has so many compliants. I told him he should not have an A+ rating at all and that his company was not high enough in ethical standards to do business with my company which has 0 compliants.
I have never done business with any of the online lead sellers and I have not heard anything good about any of them, so I wanted to investigate prior to even thinking about doing business with them. I wanted to write this because I thought it might save someone else from making a bad decision.

If anyone take BBB serious should have their head check. I like what OliviaJacob said about his company on ethical standards. OliviaJacob can you post your company’s name so we can see if you meet the standards.

You know that there’s a huge difference between “compliant” and “complaint”, right?


I go to digg and directories and I saw a lot of potential leads at no cost. :slight_smile: