Best Foreclosure Market

So who thinks they live/work in the “best foreclousre market”?

What Laws, market conditions, other factors make you think your market trumps another?

I understand that Atlanta is in freefall.

I heard the downtown condos were overbuilt and there’s foreclosures in that area. Builders and developers are telling me that outside Atlanta is a haven, so I’ll have to research which areas are doing well.

Dee, do you buy outside texas? I would love to establish out of state buyers interested in the great value of Texas real estate. Melissa

You should be able to make nice profits in most major metro areas.
Chicago is the place for me right now because there are thousands
of foreclosures in just one zipcode. There seems to be a high rate
of fraud with appraisals but property still sells rather quickly.

Does anyone now why t´he market is so good in Atlanta now?
I have found so many deals. Also Are the properties selling fast in atlanta?