Best financing option

Hello All,
I’m new at investing and live in WA state. I have Lonnie Scruggs’ book on mobile homes and have found 3 that are currently for sale, owner occupied in my area.

Here’s the rub: I’ve lived in the area 5 years, just checked my credit and my credit score is 600. But, I’ve never worked a ‘regular’ job. I’m an accountant but so is everybody else, or an IT tech, so I’ve worked temp for 5 years.

Now I have a new bookkeeping service, less than 6 months old and have no idea where to start. The two mobiles are in the neighborhood, both are listed with realtors. #1 is $15000 and #2 is $17000 and #3 is $23000. I’d love to get them and L/O them.

Any suggestions on how to get them financed would be appreciated. ::slight_smile: