Best Educational Materials To Get Started? - Veteran Help For n00b plz

Another n00b here, hoping to get into the real estate biz, you know the drill. ::slight_smile:

I have looked through the “Free Investing Books” section and “Recommended Reading” sections, listened to some audios too.

Everyone is selling something, books, materials, boot camps even. Some seem more geared towards flipping, others towards wholesaling, some for renting, etc.

I am most interested in rehabbing, foreclosures, perhaps wholesaling even. I have no interest in rentals currently, not sure on the bird-dogging thing yet.

Can some of the successful veterans recommend the best courses/materials to get started? What works best for us n00bs?

I’m don’t want to simply make some guru’s pockets bloated by buying materials that don’t actually work or are not geared towards real results. Do I have to pay for this, or can I get it free from libraries and websites? I mean this is the internet age. I am happy to pay tons for more materials as I see something starting to work, but hesitant to plop down a big chunk until then… my scam buzzer goes off on these thousand dollar courses.

For example I know some seem to teach you to put ads in the paper “We Buy Houses”, put signs on the road… but when I look in my local paper (St. Pete Times) there are TONS of these ads sitting on top of eachother, signs on every street corner, and even billboards around… Can I as a n00b expect to come in and compete with that and start a new career on it???

Thanks for any help, I do realize as successful investors your time is better spent making more $$$ than answering my post for help.

Welcome. Quit spending money. Take some time and read through the posts on this site. Then you will be able to narrow down what it is that you want to accomplish.

I am most interested in rehabbing, foreclosures, perhaps wholesaling even. I have no interest in rentals currently, not sure on the bird-dogging thing yet.

There are links in the Newsgroup Forum for each of these areas. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and start reading through the posts. There is tons of information based on real life experiences in each and every post.

After reading, post some questions of your own. The information is really cheap. ;D

Good Luck!

Thanks for the reply Mdhaas!

I am aware that there are forums on all of these subjects, but sifting through them to learn the business seems a backward way to do it. ???

Seems like meny n00bs answering other n00bs questions too :-X

Looking for the proper step by step instructions to get started that I KNOW I can trust that if I follow to the tee, I will be successful.


You’re not listening. Read through the lists. Why are you looking to SPEND money to get information, vs. listening to the advice and READING for FREE? The experience of the veterans is right here for your knowledge. I’ve been here about 2 weeks, and I’m learning a lot.

Set aside daily time to read through the posts. If you really need something, hit the library. Go free where you can.

realnew, you’re not listening.

I am happy to pay for PROPER education rather than sift through forum posts of questions and answers trying to learn it in bits ad pieces. Unless I am missing something, none of this info is posted in any order for learning.

I would love to think I was going to get the same information as is being sold for free, who wouldn’t. But I’d rather learn the right way at any cost.

But I'd rather learn the right way at any cost.
You can learn the right way , at [b]NO COST [/b] on this forum.

I have learned tons. I started reading in June and I bought my first home in Aug. I rehabbed it and I signed an offer on Fri. I will net about 30k, not bad for my first one. All in a couple of months at that. And I had alot of questions and they were answered here by PM or e-mail.

You can get any and every question answered on this forum. So you will not be learning bits and pieces

Good luck,

Miah. If you want a good course, the Carlton Sheets course is very good and complete. I agree with realnew you can get what you need here free. I believe you only have to learn what you need to be the type of investor you plan to be. Sheets gives you the lowdown on all types of investing so that you can decide what you want to do. The course is straight forward, easy to understand and gives you the basics for any type of investor you plan to become.

Where will I get the contracts, forms, and letters from though?

How will I learn how to negotiate deals?

<<Where will I get the contracts, forms, and letters from though?>>

They’re in there…

<<How will I learn how to negotiate deals? >>

The basics are in there, too…you just need to refine them for your situatiuons…


Hi Miah,

You ve to be careful with these: this is no game, this is for real.
As Kdhastedt stated, the information you want are in the course, but my advise is not to use it alone at the first time. Instead, when a good deal arise you should contract an attorney. Errors in these items are very expensive.

One tip: if you go as suggested to Carleton Sheets Course, don t pay retail, instead go to ebay.

Good luck

Thanks for the help everyone, I wish you were in my local REI club!

I could not agree more there is more info here then what is in any course! And Keith and tedjr would know they have written more then half of it! LOL keep reading and asking! What ever you need is right here!

The first things you have to learn to get into the business is how to make your phone ring with motivated sellers and then how to negotiate a property with them at a discount. These two skills are marketing as sales. So I’ll make the same suggestion to you I make to everyone. Don’t waste your money on programs books will do just fine. I suggest get David Sandler’s “You can’t teach a kid to ride a bike at a seminar” also guerilla marketing. With a solid understanding of these two you can start moving into more RE specific sales and marketing. But those two books will give you the mindset and psychology which is what beginning investors need. Psychology then skills. Just my two cents.


Awesome, John. Can you share your story?