Best direct mail/postcard marketing company

I’m thinking of putting some of my tax refund into a direct mail postcard campaign.

I’m targeting mostly distressed properties, out of town owners, and vacant houses. With the laws on foreclosures in my state, I don’t think I want to go after those right now.

Any recommendations on which company to use - I want to obviously get a mail list from them.

Which brings me to another question - any recommendations on a minimum number of postcards I should send out?

I’ve never done direct mail before so ANY comments and advice are appreciated. Thank you.

I haven’t started using any yet. I’m still researching myself. But here are a few I’ve read/found. Let me know what you end up doing.



The United States Postal Service will be able to create the mailing and ship it out at pre-sort rates.

Don’t pay full price for mailing out a postcard. offers postcard templates where you create you own postcard. Very good savings and savings on time!