Best Days to Mail Letters?

Hey guys I am getting ready to send out about 1000 letters to self storage owners. What do you think the best day of the week would be to send letters out? What is the best day for the owners to receive the letters? Thank you for the help.

Casey Cavell
3C Investing,LLC

I mail to renter twice a month for 6 months or until I have the place sold. After reading my post card 3 or 4 times they get the point and remember when its time for them to start looking

Whats the niche is in self storage owners?

For residential I mail multiple times like hassansr. However I ensure my mailer arrives near the end of the month which is when that pesky mortgage is due! It seems to work if they are in a tight spot and hate paying that mortgage each month. Not sure what the pshycological impact is on the commercial side though.

If your not sure what works, just segment your mailing campaign and track it for a few months. My guess is within 90 days you should have a decent pattern picked out to help streamline your marketing campaigns and increase your ROI.

I would target for a Tuesday or Wednesday delivery. If the mail is a little slow in some areas, it may arrive on Thursday. Most businesses play catch-up on Monday from weekend activity. Friday is a wind-down day, where maybe things can be put off until Monday. Friday could also be a half day for some people. Saturday maybe a skeleton crew, where main boss is off.