Best criteria for Absentee Owners

I would like to order a targeted list of absentee owners. What are the best tips for choosing my filtering criteria, e.g. amount of equity, age of home, age of owner, credit score, etc?

I am not sure - but had you tried using Zillow? I think they do have that tool… Going to check that out.

The filters I use for absentee owners are area and when did they buy the home. I usually mail to absentee owners that bought pre-2000, since they should have equity.

Assuming the boat is located where you are and the owner someplace else, I’d revert to finding a local bank, local official or lacking even that level of civilization, the most trusted person in the community. In some places, it simply may not be possible to execute any type of credible transaction.

For my criteria for absentee owners, I exclude trustee-owned and corporate-owned properties. I prefer to search for single family homes with at least 3 bedrooms and with the last market sale date from at least 10 years ago. This means to say that they have owned the home for at least 10 years. As for equity, I do 70-100% which means that they have put a lot down on their property. It’s easier to deal with sellers whose houses are free and clear. Although for the ones with equity on them, I can have them under owner-financing.

Hope this helps. :smile

I think it would be great if you have a friend or relative that can help you in choosing while you are away and can check all the specs of the property.

Mike i dig that and that is so true, folks with free and clear homes, I just smell the money all the way through the phone when I am talking to them. lol. :biggrin

Then again sometimes these are the most stubborn sellers to deal with at times. lol

LoL, Delondon, I couldn’t agree more about those sellers having a tendency to be more stubborn. :smile

I don’t know if you’ve solved your issue yet, but just yesterday I found this great youtube video on creating a mailing list for direct mailing absentee owners.

Hope it help, it’s literally a step by step instructional on using a website to create a mailing list. You can then process that list however you want, mail to them yourself, or have someone like mail them for you.