please vote for the best course!!

I can’t believe you didn’t include Vena Jones Cox on the list kid :anon

I’d have to go with Eric’s…He just seems like a tremendously good looking, loving, caring, nurturing man…

Maybe i’m biased.

I do think I have more hair than all the wholesaling guru’s combined if that counts for anything…lol

There’s a couple courses on that list that I wouldn’t waste a nickel on (But yeah, I wasted a nickel on em)…I won’t mention any names…Let’s just say one of those choices is WAY more about “Look at me and how great I am” rather than “How can I help you succeed as a wholesaler”

just my 2 cents

Back hair doesn’t count, Eric…



I bought eric’s course and i would have to say it is short, to the point, and easy to follow and understand. i learned alot from his course. it is also reasonably priced.

Eric I voted for ya, now how many beers did you mention? Herbster

I voted for Steve Cook’s course, but I’m a little biased as that is the one I bought. I have no doubt that Eric’s course is top notch as well though.

Has anyone bought Criss Chico’s course? and if so how was it…

I just bought it and is half way thru one of the books already…Its quite informative…however not enough for a newbie I am still looking for more info and exactly where do I start!!

I tried the 2 week trial he was offering and for $797 it’s not worth it. He teaches the same basic info you can find for free on sites like this.

These are all great selections open for voting. I have tried several courses that others claim were a big waste of time and money. I especially like the options of learning to be creative and getting advice from the mentoring programs offered.

Thanx guys for ur responses. They really help!

Voted for Steve’s course. I read the first 4 chapter freebie and liked what I saw but don’t have the cash yet to purchase the whole thing. Eric’s course seems good too. He also gives a lot of good tips on here. If I could have voted for both I would have.

I am wondered why people didn’t vote for Preston Ely’s Courses i think it is the best course

Has anyone tried Marco Kozlowskis Luxury homes courses. I want to try that course out but I am afraid of shelling out 4000 on a course right now. I love his concept though and consider it a good investment even if it bring half the success it talks about. I could see how bigger homes marketed right would bring you bigger paychecks.

Hands down Vena Jones-Cox The Real Estate Goddess’s Guide to Wholesaling is the BEST course out there! I think the survey needs to be retaken! A lot of courses are fluffy B.S. but hers is a step by step guide that will show you how to make huge profits in your own backyard.

Have you reviewed any of the others? Why is hers better than the others?

Yes I have reviewed many others. I am not going to name, names of who’s courses suck if that is what you want me to do. Which, by the way, not all of the course listed in the survey are bad.

Vena Jones-Cox’s course blows all other courses out of the water because…

It is the most up to date information out there on wholesaling. Vena continually updates her course for what works in the here and now it has been updated 3 times this year.

She give you what works now!

Vena is in the trenches! She is not just selling education she does deals on a daily basis! She has a machine going and does at least 4 wholesale deals a month on just REO’s right now.

I challenge anyone who thinks they have a better course than Vena to prove it!

Vena gives you the whole system not some fluffy B.S. crap that just is just to upsell you to the 5k boot camp and the 25k coaching program

Vena undersells herself sooooooooooooooooooo much its not even funny!!!
She gives you Both the Basic Wholesaling course and the Advanced Wholesaling Course, 4 Day Hands on Wholesaling acadamy (which has no selling speakers, no upsells, more 1 more seminar you have to sign up and take to get the rest of the info,
FEED’s you - Hot meals like steak, chicken, eggs, bacon and potatoes for break fast at no charge,
6 months of FREE coaching where you get your questions answered by Vena not some flunky
All for just $1295 and backs it up with a guarantee that if you don’t think that it is the best damn information on wholesaling real estate you can get your money back for like some crazy period of time after the seminar

And I guarantee if you read the books and listen to the CD’s, and go to the Hands on class you will know more about wholesaling than 99% of the wholesalers out there! In her class she does not talk about the stuff in the manuals she shows you how to implement it. She even says to read them before you come because the info in the books will show you how to close wholesale deals step by step but the academy will show you how to take that information and build a well oiled wholesaling machine that runs without you! (NO UPSELLS)

So she talks the talk and walks the walk. Vena kicks butt and takes names. I love her to death I would buy anything that she puts out because I know its that good!

Vena has been in the game for over 20 years. She has complete so many wholesale deal that she lost count (Over 700 plus)
Past President of NaREIA, OREIA (The biggest real estate club in the county), Cincy REIA
She has been featured in many publications and has one of the best reputations in the real estate investing education industry today!

Vena is a person! She loves people! She loves to teach people to become financially independent and that is why she does it! She is not out to suck every dollar out of the unsuspecting newbie before they say real estate investing sucks because it is to hard and go trade forex.

That is why Vena Jone-Cox is the best!

Vena isn’t known as the “Real Estate Goddess” for nothing. I haven’t reviewed other courses by others, so another course could possibly equal or surpasses Vena’s. All I know is that her course is pure street smart info, not theory, filler or fluff. I haven’t checked out Eric’s course, but I do know that he’s also a truly legit instructor on wholesaling. Every instructor will have something in their course that another one doesn’t. Eric’s advice on building a buyer’s list was invaluable and has paid dividends many times over. I don’t look at it as who’s the best. I look at it as who are the instructor(s) that are for real.

Any one tried Preston Ely’s new Rock Star Course?