Best cities for Millenials today

I am thinking of moving soon. Currently I live in Georgia and want out. I want to find a place to put down some roots.

NYC is probably getting to expensive. I am a NYC native and would like living there but not sure how since half of the city is now in poverty. I feel permanently mal adapted to live anywhere else other then NYC.

I have lived in Florida before and unfortunately it looks like the entire state is getting too expensive, it’s overcrowded, and the whole state is best suited for the retired crowd. I’m not willing to live in a retirement state.

Soooo, where can I go? I would always prefer living in a huge city but you can not always get what you want. What places have decent medium sized cities that are recession proof and has housing that is affordable enough for Millennials?

Obviously I would like to get into real estate somehow. It will likely require me moving to a bland city and medium sized city but it would be great to make enough money to survive and to get a job, re-start a business, and buy a first house somehow.


Texas my friend! God made Texas with his own hands!

Down home country folk! Affordable, lot’s of wide open spaces and big city living!


Haha, nice. Hey that is a great suggestion. Id probably hate Texas though.

Reminds me of that salsa commercial with the cowboys eating chips and salsa around the campfire

Hey wait this stuff was made in New york city… NEW YORK CITY???

Thats where city slickers like me belong :smashpc


Ears I guarantee you I could teach you how to rope and ride, how to handle a branding iron, how to sit saddle during calving season, how to handle a lasso and shoot a six gun!

I could teach you how to belly up to the bar, how to two step, and how to do the cowboy Cha, Cha!

How to handle an ornery mule, help a damsel in distress and how to cool off in the old watering trough!

Hell we could probable teach you all about the old rattlesnake round up, and how to wild cat a new well!

You’d fit right in!


All those cowboy hats and cowboy boots. out on the range, chewin tabbaca

Id be in a saloon, drinking bootlegged whiskey, spinning the tassles on my boots, waiting for a show down at High Noon, out on Wholesale Street…

Saddle up partner cause theres a new sheriff in town…

I agree with GR. Texas is a great choice. I look at it this way. If you want to be rich go to where it is cheap to be rich. I mean look at what it costs to have the things that rich people have. 3,000 sqft houses, swimming pools and fancy cars. So if you look at what it costs to have the lifestyle of a rich person costing around $6,000/month and you can get about $500/month per rent house you can live like a rich person in Texas for the effort of 12 rent houses. In New Your or LA $6,000/month won’t get you anywhere close to rich. And you get all the amenities of a big city. Houston is the 3rd largest city in the USA San Antonio is the seventh. You may see cowboy hats but you see them on New York too. Basically you have opera, major league sports teams and all the things you get in major cities.

Houston is only 2 million people. New York City is like 18 million.

I want to be back in NYC it’s just fiercely expensive and a difficult city to get by. It can be tough landing a job of any kind.

Also I do not have the option like a lot of NYC Townies who’s families live in rent controlled apartments for next to nothing. Those are the people who work low paying jobs in Manhattan for $10-12 per hour… What a mess.

Also you are talking like all the rich people here. I can not just go and casually buy 20 houses and turn them into rental units. I have no where near as much money as you people.

If you have $1million in New York you are not rich, if you have $1/2 million in Houston you are rich. Go to where it is cheap to be rich. There is nothing you can do in New York that you can’t do in Houston, Los Angeles or Philadelphia. So once you are in a big city (If that is what you want) then go for lifestyle.

“There is nothing you can do in New York that you can’t do in Houston, Los Angeles or Philadelphia. So once you are in a big city (If that is what you want) then go for lifestyle.”

I was born and raised in The Bronx… there is opportunity in New York City that people can not find anywhere else in the world… Other then leasing agents and sales associates and brokers, what kind of real estate work is there in NYC? For entry level…

I’m thinking that being a “wholesaler” is not the same thing in NYC. The real estate there is different. Nobody is going to be in a hurry to sell in the same way as say some $200K house in Atlanta. NYC real estate is a different world. It is more valuable.