Best Carpet for Public Halls & Stairs?

I need about 100 yards of carpet to do the public halls of a building and the stairs. I went to both Lowes and Home Depot to speak with their carpet “experts” and was very disappointed with the poor generic responses I got. I’m trying to find out what sort of carpet is best for this job in terms of not showing (or shedding) stains, not piling, not wearing away, not showing dirt, and most important, durability. If you can help in terms of material I should look for, carpet weight and/or density, pattern and anything I’m missing, I’d truly appreciate it. Finally, how much should I expect to pay per yard for installation and per yard for carpet. Many thanks.

First off, your over-thinking this, it’s just carpet. The most common type of commercial grade carpet is loop. It’s one continuous string of yarn vs. plush carpet where the loops are cut on the surface. As far as colors and patterns, whatever matches the rest of the place. Any pattern will hide stains opposed to a solid color. Cost will vary as much as anything else. Those floral pattern carpets in hotels will cost as much as $50-100/ sq yd installed. Cheap ugly grey may cost $15-35/ sq yd.

Take a trip to a commercial building supply store or hire a carpet installer to work out the details. Home Depot and Lowe’s are not commercial building supply stores.

I got this one you should be looking at a commercial olifin or olifin /nylon blend something in a darker multi flec color to hide those mistakes. Also food for thought you should have a profesional clean it once a year min to help with the life of the material. Something in a 32-36 oz range.