Best carpet for middle-class rental...

Hi all - I’ve got a newish brick veneer solidly middle-class neighborhood rancher here in Dallas that’s currently got a neutral plush. The carpets dirty - it may be cleanable, but if I end up replacing it what types/brands/suppliers do you all recommend??

What’s the max per square foot I should plan on paying?

I buy all my carpet from Lowes. They are much cheaper then even the carpet discounter type stores for the same products. I like “Sea Pines” which is a very nice berber from Lowes. It costs 55 cents per square foot. It is only available in a 12 foot width. They also have a very similar berber in a 15 foot width.


Thanks Mike - wow - that’s inexpensive!

Do you have their jobbers install it or do you hire outside? What should I plan on paying per yard for the install?? This is a six year old house - would you use new pad?

On a related subject, what’s a ballpark per yard for vinyl sheet goods for the same house. I was over at Lowe’s yesterday and the cheapest I saw was $1.39 per foot - Obviously, I’m probably looking in the wrong place!! What’s an install going to cost??

TIA Bill

Not trying to hijack your thread, but i am interested in this as well to hear from seasoned landlords. I have heard that you get what you pay for, if going cheap, you end up replacing it more often, where if you spend a little more, most times it can be steam cleaned and back in action so saving time and money.

Whats everyones experience?

My experience is that carpet life has more to do with your ability to screen tenants, then your ability to pick carpet types. One time I replaced the carpeting in one of my units twice in one year. Stupid tenants!!!

I like an inexpensive berber carpet. Unless this is a high end apartment, you wouldn’t want to put an expensive carpet down.

Iron Range is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! Even if you put in carpet that costs $10.00 per square foot, tenants can destroy it in no time!!!

In my lowest income rentals, I simply paint the floors if they are in good enough condition - NO CARPET AT ALL.

In low income rentals, I put in the cheap Berber Carpet from Lowes without pad. The reason is that low income tenants do not clean up and frequently spill things. These spills stay in the pad and damage the floor (and can smell).

In lower middle income rentals (nicer SFHs), I install the same cheap Berber Carpet from Lowes with the cheapest Lowes pad in living rooms and bedrooms.

I don’t put vinyl in bathrooms or kitchens because tenants often destroy it almost instantly. They drag the refrigerator, stove, or kitchen table over the vinyl and rip it. I always put the same cheap Berber Carpet from Lowes in kitchens and bathrooms WITHOUT PAD!

Remember - this is not your house!!! This is a rental. You fix 'em up and the tenants tear 'em up!

Good Luck,